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Vacation 2001 - Maine Appalachian Trail Pictures
PAGE 1 - The Plan - How It All Came Together

PAGE 1 - The Plan - How It All Came Together
PAGE 2 - New York City to The Trail Entrance 7/20 - 7/21
PAGE 3 - The Bigelow Mountain Range to Kennebec River at Caratunk 7/22 -7/25
PAGE 4 - Caratunk to The Completion of the 100 Mile Wilderness 7/26 - 8/02
PAGE 5 - Abol Bridge, Baxter State Park and Summiting Katahdin - 8/04-8/06
PAGE 6 - Bangor, Georgetown, Freeport, Portland, Bar Harbor, St. John, Bangor, New York 8/6 - 8/11
PAGE 7 - The End. Neet Links, Comments, Contact Dan or Brendan.

For some reason though, I took this idea and just ran with it. It seemed like an impossible feat - which made the idea even more attractive.

I was totally gearless and clueless. But, after checking out a few web sites and spending - (hurumm) - a few bucks, I was ready. At least a quarter of the fun was in the planning.

So, I put in for vacation in late July and August. Dan adjusted his schedule, and somehow, it all came together.

Groovy Chick

After Breakfast at Friendly's, we walked through Augusta, thumbs a - wavin', hoping to catch a ride. This very kool girl picked us up and drove us a good 10 miles. It was boiling out, and she said that she just had to turn around and get us. (That's Dan in the b-ball cap behind the car)

We were lucky. It wasn't the heat - - it was the sheer crushing weight (45 lbs.) of the backpacks that made me stagger down the road!

Here's what the weather is like on the trail today. It was a heat wave while we were on it.

We didn't know it though because we didn't have this nifty little weather channel zip code forcaster.

Enter a City or US Zip:

Alot of our success can be attributed to planning. At the end of this site I have included some links to great web sites that both of us visited which relate to long distance hiking.

The Appalachian Trail runs from Springer Mountain Georgia to Mount Kathadin, Maine. It is huge. A great book to read more about it is "A Walk In The Woods", by Bill Bryson. Dan read it before we left. I read it on the bus ride home. Chock full of stats and stores about the trail. A good read.

Since my schedule was kind of tight, with just three weeks of vacation time, we had to plan a realistic goal. We determined that a 200+ mile hike from Maine Highway 27 to Mount Kathadin would take all of three weeks.

We were wrong.

The Maine Appalachian Trail Club maintains the Appalachian Trail in Maine. Lots of trees fall, mud slides, outhouses need replacing, and the weather is brutal on the campsite lean-to structures. The Club is comprised of wonderful volunteers who, even while we were there, maintain and repair the trail. They are quality people. Please visit their web site at

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