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Vacation 2001 - Maine Appalachian Trail Pictures
PAGE 2 - New York City to The Trail Entrance 7/20 - 7/21

PAGE 1 - The Plan - How It All Came Together
PAGE 2 - New York City to The Trail Entrance 7/20 - 7/21
PAGE 3 - The Bigelow Mountain Range to Kennebec River at Caratunk 7/22 -7/25
PAGE 4 - Caratunk to The Completion of the 100 Mile Wilderness 7/26 - 8/02
PAGE 5 - Abol Bridge, Baxter State Park and Summiting Katahdin - 8/04-8/06
PAGE 6 - Bangor, Georgetown, Freeport, Portland, Bar Harbor, St. John, Bangor, New York 8/6 - 8/11
PAGE 7 - The End. Neet Links, Comments, Contact Dan or Brendan.

Hitch-hiking. It's sorta like hiking...

We left New York at 12:30 a.m. on Saturday the 21st, and arrived in Augusta @ 10:00 a.m. We ate breakfast at Friendly's, then started walking the highway. The very cool girl on the previous page gave us our first lift. Two lifts later, "Lou" picked us up.


Lou, though unable to walk, could drive. And drive she did! She took us on a tour of western Maine in her Dodge Dynasty, though she wouldn't accept a dime. Two hours later, she dropped us at our trail entrance on the side of Highway 27. Below is a picture of Dan at the entrance.


"No, the Trail Goes AROUND the Mountains"

Brendan: "Look at that view, take my picture"
Dan: (Taking Picure Below) "Thats gonna be a tough climb"
Brendan: "Dan, the trail dosen't go over the mountains. No, it goes AROUND the mountains."

I was wrong. We ended up climbing the mountains. Below is the picture taken while I still thought we would be traversing something akin to a local dirt bike path.

View of Bigelows

The real hiking began the next day.

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