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Vacation 2001 - Maine Appalachian Trail Pictures
PAGE 3 - The Bigelow Mountain Range to Kennebec River at Caratunk 7/22 -7/25

PAGE 1 - The Plan - How It All Came Together
PAGE 2 - New York City to The Trail Entrance 7/20 - 7/21
PAGE 3 - The Bigelow Mountain Range to Kennebec River at Caratunk 7/22 -7/25
PAGE 4 - Caratunk to The Completion of the 100 Mile Wilderness 7/26 - 8/02
PAGE 5 - Abol Bridge, Baxter State Park and Summiting Katahdin - 8/04-8/06
PAGE 6 - Bangor, Georgetown, Freeport, Portland, Bar Harbor, St. John, Bangor, New York 8/6 - 8/11
PAGE 7 - The End. Neet Links, Comments, Contact Dan or Brendan.

Now I know why people climb mountains. Incredible.

The Horns

Here I am (Right) starting my climb OVER the mountains.

Lunch at Horns Pond. Altitude - 3,250 ft.


Not exactly a bike trail.


(below) Dan climbing West Peak, (there are two peaks on Mt. Bigelow; West Peak and Avery Peak).



Campsite - 4,000 feet. (above)
Dan is standing on a tent platform (a deck essentially), where we set up our tents - the terrain is too steep to pitch a tent on the ground. In the background is Avery peak, the next day's climb. We camped between the two peaks in what is called a "cul" - one of the best campsites.


One Admiralty Lawyer to Another.

Avery Peak - 4088 feet. Memorial to Myron Avery who was a Washington D.C. Admiralty lawyer and, in his spare time, he was the de facto founder of the Appalachian Trail. Though proposed by another, Avery implemented the plan, literally cutting down trees in the back country of Maine to complete the trail.

I am an Admiralty and Maritime lawyer in New York, and the coincidence did not go unnoticed on the trail. I am sure he would agree, the mountains are the only place a maritime lawyer can feel on vacation - no navigatable water!

AT Trail

Civilization! An desolate dirt road.

See, its not all climbing!
We're not sure who's head this is. The camera claimed to be waterproof, so I thought that we'd better verify that.
We happened upon this lake, it was hot, and it looked like heaven after decending Little Bigelow Mountain, which is in the distance.

It's a pretty big mountain, but by the end of the day, the possibility that I actually might be able to complete the trip became real. Plan B was slowly slipping away.

Here is a picture of Dan going down a difficult part of the trail. Its more difficult with 45 lbs on your back.

Ok...I'll fess up. This is my first web site, and I just cant figure out how to rotate the pictures. In the meantime, just tilt your head to the right a bit.


(below) West Peak - 4145 ft.



(Above) The scan isn't the best, but I am somewhere in there climbing up to Avery peak.


(Above) We knew it would be a good picture. Dan, climbing Little Bigelow Mountain, with Bigelow Mountain's Avery peak in the distance. Incredible view!


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